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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2012|03:22 pm]
should totally be sleeping..gotta work tonight.

good weekend. i refused to sleep sunday since frank was off and i have to work all next weekend too (BS).
so i got home sunday morning, weather was nasty , raining, pouring. we made homemade breakfast burritos yum:)
then i got ready and we went to church. i was worried i would have trouble staying awake but i was fine.
went to hartz with mom dad and gabe after.

gabe mentioned harbor freight tools and frank has been wanting a miter saw for his newfound carpentry kick.

they had a sale paper for a 10" sliding one, 89.99...normally 149.99,...yay!

so louie went and got it for him this am.

so then we came home , weather still bad. so we finished in the garage finally. got all my stuff into 3 large totes. and FINALLY saved my pics/music from my old computer onto a jump drive...SOOO happy about that.

ok really gotta run. must eat and sleep.
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LJ=old friend [Jun. 7th, 2012|11:31 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Truly, LJ is like an old friend to me. An old friend who you don't see regularly anymore because you are doing different things in life than when you were hanging out more often, but still a friend just the same. A friend u keep in touch with because the memories of good times come to you in boring times:) A friend u can go back to when u get older and think about the "good ole days", a friend who is able to show you how you have changed over the years.

I come back every now and then to read a couple of journals of people who still post after all these years. My sis in law mentioned on FB today starting a blog about her move to Japan with Jeremy, so of course I immediately thought of my old friend LJ.

In the world of FB and twitter, I forget how cathartic LJ can be. FB and twitter are for "happy" posts, or short ones if you are sad or mad. LJ is therapy. You can vent. You can say whatever u want with out worrying what others will think because mostly you don't know anyone from LJ in real life.

If i had a beer or some champagne I would totally raise a toast to LJ right now lol.

I really should visit more often:)
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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2012|05:25 am]
hello old friend lj!!!! i do think about u often!! i really wish there was an app that i could post something and it would post to lj, facebook, and twitter all at once. or whichever one or ones i wanted it to... hmmm maybe i can invent this and get rich.
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holy crap things have changed [Apr. 3rd, 2011|02:35 am]
just wondering who all is still reading my journal and posting on here? i mean i haven't posted in almost a year, but i don't know if the people on my friends list here are even around anymore.....

it's 2:30 in the morning and i'm still awake..not tired at all. weird.

-graduated nursing school in december, passed boards in february, i am now Vanessa Edwards, RN. :)
-building a house, and it should be finished in the next few weeks:)

i finally feel like an accomplished adult, buying a house and with a real job, soon to be no longer renting and at a dead end job.

guess the next step is to have a frank, jr. haha

those are the real biggies that have changed since my last post ...
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2010|06:58 pm]
i really have missed you LJ.

i am sorry i have been addicted to facebook lately but i still need you cuz there are some things you just don't say on facebook.
for the most part, people only post positive things there. no serious stuff like we can here.


summer is going too fast. can't believe i haven't posted in almost a year but like i said, facebook is addicting.
i have been working extra, overtime. we have contacted a mortgage lady and checked our credit which is thru the roof awesome by the way:) after i graduate we are buying/building a house and i am super excited about this.

got off work early today, low census so they made me go home.

need to start studying drugs, physical assessment, and nclex stuff. need to look into hurst review cuz i definitely want to do that.
gonna go read some:)
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2009|06:38 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

i am extremely pissy right now.
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2009|06:43 pm]
should be studying. will do that in a little bit haha.

9 AM: class about to start. ms. averhart calls out me and 8 other people in the class and says we need to go see ms. murphy the director now. oook. we head to her office. the others are talking about their titers they don't have done yet. i'm wondering why they called me cuz i had turned all my stuff in and am up to date with my immunizations. only thing i need is a hep b titer and can't get it til december cuz i just had the 3rd shot in july. they had given me a sheet last week showing that and also it was checked to see ms. fayard about a communicable disease waiver. when i went to see her last week, she checked my file and then said it was fine, don't worry about it. it is never good to get called to ms. murphy's office. so i was worrying about what the heck was going on. first person goes in. ms. murphy doesn't even shut her door. ms. fayard and ms. carousel are standing outside her office like guards or something. ms. murphy starts yelling at stephanie about how she knew it had to be done by a certain date etc. stephanie was like no, it expires in november, nobody said it had to done by a specific date. anyone in the hallway could hear what was going on, which i thought was quite unprofessional. student after student goes in there and she is going off on them about this stuff. i go in there , tell her my name, she looks at my sheet and says are you going to get a communicable disease waiver filled out? i said, well i talked to ms. fayard last week and she said i didn't have to worry about it. ms. murphy said loudly and rather rudely well that's not what she said this morning! she calls ms. fayard in there to see what the deal is. ms. fayard goes and pulls my file and then stutters about my titer not being due until december. ms. murphy is practically yelling at her too. she says something about ok, so what is the deal with the waiver? and ms. fayard is like well it was my mistake, i didn't realize the titer wasn't due until december. so ms. murphy says to me "you're ok" much nicer than she was talking before.

now i can get that the other folks should have had their stuff done, and they may have misunderstood the process. but it was completely unprofessional and inappropriate for her to be yelling at us with the door open where anyone passing by could see and hear.

ALSO because we had to go see her, they locked us out of the classroom. i was mad as hell about that because i shouldn't have even been there in the first place, my shit was fine, it was ms. fayard's mistake. so we couldn't get back in class until after 10, and had to get notes from classmates which i also hate doing because you don;t know if they might have missed something important.

completely ridiculous situation.

after class, i had to go test off on central line dressing change with ms. scholz. i told her about what happened, not complaining , just telling her what went down. did fine on my test off. also she is going to write a letter for me to send in with my jury duty letter saying that i am unable to attend.

i WANT to serve jury duty but i cannot do it during school. they pulled me last semester too and i couldn't do it. they could have called me all summer long and i would have been more than happy to do it.

waited for autumn to test off so i could get copies of her notes and she could copy my drug cards.

1-130 left school, came home.

130-2 ate lunch, cleaned house a bit

2-430 practiced physical assessment with ashley.

430-6 drove to OS, got a mochacino, went to tanning bed. frank was running a call in hurley so came back home.

need to study physical assessment a little more and study dosage cal--test tomorrow!!!

holy crap just thought i lost this whole post.

was gonna try to go camping this weekend but just can't do it since my first theory test is wednesday and i will have to work sunday and monday which means no studying those days. working during nursing school SUCKS. i have soo much more material i need to study. frank will have to go without me.

oh the sacrifices we make.
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2009|08:19 pm]
well the school schedule is back in swing. along with the work schedule.

studied from 5-8 tonight, i'm saturated at this point. waiting on frank to get back from a call so we can have lasagna and garlic bread:)

worked 14 hours yesterday, so at time and a half that's nice:)

been watching season 4 prison break, ready to see how it's gonna end. new season of grey's starts at the end of this month but i haven't seen the last season so i may have to wait til it comes out on netflix!

have been doing a lot of facebook lately, a lot on my phone. i wish lj had a blackberry app.

mom and dad have been coming to eat lunch with me at the hospital on sundays which is nice since i wouldn't get to see them a lot otherwise.

there's some bill murray movie on amc.


some military movie.

frank should be on his way home ....
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2009|11:09 pm]
i miss my peeps. i feel like once school starts, i won't really be able to hang out with them much at all. and i know once that happens, friendships start to falter. i went to laura's wednesday night but only for a little while cuz i had to go to bed early to work thursday and haven't seen them since. i could be acting a little melodramatic about this. i was off yesterday and today and made no attempts to call them but in my defense i was tired yesterday. this is not going to work really. it shouldn't take an entire day to to re-energize after a day of work.

the job right now is hard. i am hoping it gets easier once i actually learn how to do it. but 12 hour shifts on my feet the whole time sucks. i'm not used to it by any means.
i went in monday. filled out HR paperwork and then they sent me on to the floor. they had no clue i was coming and brandi was off. they had me work with sandra. problem was she was the only nursing assistant and the beds were full. it was insane. we couldn't get one thing done without having 3 others come up. there are supposed to be 2 assistants at a time so the beds are split up between them.
made a lot of beds. cleaned some poop. emptied some catheter bags. yeah. this isn't really going to help me in nursing school if this is all i get to do.
worked thursday with ashley. got overwhelmed once and almost lost it but held it together. again she was the only assistant. we have to keep up with all the i&o on day shift...night shift doesn't have to do this at all. maybe i should work night shift. but that would throw off my whole circadian rhythm when school starts. grrrrrrrrrr. really hoping things get better.
don't know when i'm working again. brandi was supposed to sit down with me thursday and map out my schedule for the next month or so but that didn't happen so i have to call her again which i don't really feel i should have to do.

school starts in about a month. been a good long free time filled summer but i am actually quite concerned that i will be extremely overwhelmed once school starts.

i am going to have to try to stop being perfect at everything and realize that i can only do so much.
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2009|10:37 pm]
my legs hurt! got some good exercising roller skating tonight with the girls! had to hold onto them the whole time though i suck!
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